Furniture transformation

The items in our redesigned (up-cycled) collection have been carefully restored and hand-painted, using high quality non-toxic products (chalk paint, mineral paint, chalk-mineral paints). The paints we used are top of the range, worldwide, and we worked with various mediums  selected on their performance over the years. 

Sustainable design solutions

Why buy upcycled?
The upcycled furniture, when done well, is a work of art, totally unique, with a story to tell. The process is sustainable ( reducing waste) and the finish gets tougher with time. 

It is generally known that all  cheap wood imports from SE Asia are "challenged" in our climate. We actually see new  furniture cracking in importers/retailers' showrooms. 

Our furniture  is generally Australian made, pre-loved, dry and already acclimated to WA conditions.

Paint Supplies

Care instructions

Wipe clean with a damp soft cloth (use mild soap and water). Avoid contact with harsh chemicals, furniture polish and standard cleaners, sprays, excessive water, alcohol, essential oils, degreaser soap. Keep away from humidity.  Use coasters to protect your furniture from cup stains.

Furniture transformation

Furniture transformation
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